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Give Me a House was founded with the belief of providing a one-stop solution for people's housing needs.
We aim to make our clients' property transactions smooth sailing, with the whole experience customized & catered to each client's best interest while providing professional service & exquisite advice.

Give Me a House also constantly help our audience stay informed with news on Singapore’s latest developments and policy updates.

Who Are We
Tiff - Casual Half Body.png


Bachelor of Business Administration

Major in Marketing

RES Certificate

Tiffany is full of energy, loves competitive water sports, and has a deep passion for real estate.

She always bonds with her clients on a deeper level, and new friendships are often formed throughout the process.  

She has been active in the Singapore Real Estate market since 2017, and has successfully helped many families progress in their portfolio planning.

Seb - Casual Half Body.png


Bachelor in Banking & Finance

Diploma in Hospitality

RES Certificate

Sebastian is calm, trustworthy, and has a good eye for analyzing numbers.

He is passionate about helping his clients spotting GOOD BUYS and analyzing the future market direction. 

He has been active in the Singapore Real Estate Market since 2018 and has successfully helped many clients in achieving great success in their property journey.



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